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Fittonia verschaffeltii Description This tropical plant is commonly grown as a houseplant where it thrives on bright to medium light, average to cool room temperature, and medium humidity. It performs well under fluorescent lights. Fittonia verschaffeltii This is not a very high plant in nature can be found only in the tropical forests of Peru and Colombia. Pubescent stems almost creep on the surface of the soil, in this regard, they are quite easily propagated by. Fittonia albivenis is a creeping, evergreen perennial that is native to tropical rainforests in South America Columbia and Peru. Plants are typically grown to showcase the striking foliage. Vershcaffeltii Group plants feature dark. The one readily available to the gardeners is Fittonia albivensis, while F. verschaffeltii and F. argyroneura are its scientific synonyms. Its common names in English are nerve plant, mosaic plant or silver plant. In its native habitat in.

Fittonia albivenis ‘Red Anne’ or Red Anne Fittonia has a bright pinkish red foliage with a pinkish veins and patches of green making it a very attracted house plant. This plant is suitable for growing indoors and growing in containers. Fittonia albivenis is a creeping, evergreen perennial that is native to tropical rainforests in South America Columbia and Peru. Plants are typically grown to showcase the striking foliage. Argyroneura Group plants feature dark.

Le fittonia est une très jolie plante d'intérieur, réputée pour son feuillage. Culture, entretien, arrosage et maladies, voici tous nos conseils. Bon jardinage Le fittonia est une très jolie plante d'intérieur, réputée pour son feuillage. La Fittonia verschaffeltii Fittonia albivenis è anche lei originaria del Perù ed è molto simile alla precedente solo con foglie più grandi, di colore verde più intenso e ricoperte da una leggera peluria e con le nervature La Fittonia è una. Fittonie Fittonia charakteristika a základní rady pro pěstování Fittonie k nám byli přivezeny roku 1867 z deštných pralesů v Peru a své jméno tyto rostliny zdědily po Elizabeth a Sáře Fittonových.Fittonie má ráda světlo nebo polostín. Fitónie sú nádherné tropické plazivé rastliny, ktoré pochádzajú z vlhkých lesov juhoamerických Ánd. Najrozšírenejšie sú dva druhy Fitónia striebrožilná - Fittonia argyroneura s olivovozelenými listami a výraznou bielou kresbou a Fitónia verschaffeltova - Fittonia verschaffeltii s trošku tmavšími listami a karmínovočervenou žilnatinou.

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Fittonia albivenis verliert nach und nach die unteren Blätter und verkahlt. Sie kann ganzjährig zurückgeschnitten werden um sie kompakt zu halten. Vermehren Stecklinge bewurzeln in 2 bis 3 Wochen bei Temperaturen ab 25 C. A planta-mosaico é uma espécie rasteira e herbácea, de folhagem decorativa e muito popular em terrários fechados, locais em que se adapta muito bem, por sua grande necessidade de umidade.Apresenta ramagem macia e pubescente, com folhas simples, ovaladas, opostas, de nervuras bem marcadas e contrastantes na cor branca, na espécie típica. Fittonia verschaffeltii Thanks for visiting and come back soon as information on indoor plants, pictures and more are being added all of the time. I hope that your indoor tropical house plants and all of your plants and flowers are. Een flinke bak Fittonia's in een donkere hoek van het huis zal echter ook lang mooi blijven. De hoeveelheid licht is bij Fittonia van invloed op de kleur en het model. Krijgt de bak aan de ene zijde veel meer licht dan aan de andere. Fitonia Fittonia verschaffeltii należy do rodziny akantowatych Acanthaceae. W stanie naturalnym jest pnączem i rośnie w tropikalnych lasach deszczowych. Roślina ma płożący pokrój i wytwarza dość kruche pędy dorastające.

よく分枝し、節から根を出しマット状に広がる。葉は先が尖った卵形〜楕円形で、対生する。葉色は深緑色で、白や赤の網目状葉脈が目立つ。 葉は先が尖った卵形〜楕円形で、葉色は暗緑色で葉脈が赤色。. Red nerve plant Fittonia verschaffeltii is a low-growing, herbaceous perennial with shiny olive-green, red-veined leaves. It reaches 3 to 6 inches tall and 12 to 18 inches wide at maturity. This.

2018/11/11 · Hope my little Fittonia care tips video is useful! PRODUCTS I USE & RECOMMEND: Pls note some of the links below are now affiliate links. I use. キツネノマゴ科 学名:Fittonia verschaffeltii 用途 鉢植え 難易度 そだてやすい 耐寒性 よわい:15 以上 濃い緑色の葉に赤や白の葉脈が細かいところまでくっきりと網目状に走り、その様子からアミメグサ(網目草)の別名があり. Le fittonia du latin fittonia appartient à la famille des Acanthacées. Il est originaire des forêts pluviales de Colombie et du Pérou. On le nomme le plus souvent par. Nerve plant care guide. How to grow, identify, water, feed, propagate a color, veined nerve plant, also called a fittonia or mosaic plant. See a picture, read answers to plant questions.

Nerve plant is a diminutive house plant that is big on style. Its colorful leaves display intricate vein patterns in light pink, dark pink, and white depending on the variety. Petite enough to live on desktops or nightstands, it is a great. Kami menjual bibit tanaman fittonia verschaffeltii red veins dalam kondisi rimbun, siap tanam dan siap berbunga, di jual dengan harga yang murah. Tanaman fittonia verschaffeltii red veins merupakan varietas tanaman Semak herba. Fittonia albivenis is a species of flowering plant in the family Acanthaceae, native to the rainforests of Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and northern Brazil. A herbaceous plant, it is notable for its dark green foliage with strongly contrasting white or red veins.

2020/02/20 · Nerve plant also known as Fittonia albivenis is a wonderful tropical houseplant for tabletops, hanging baskets, and terrariums. It adds a distinctive touch to indoor decor because nerve plant's rich green leaves are touched. Profile Scientific name Fittonia albivenis syn. Fittonia verschaffeltii Common names Mosaic Plant, Nerve Plant, Silver Netplant and others Family Acanthaceae Origin Tropical South America Height 5 to 10 cm, grows creeping Toxic. Fittonia verschaffeltii Bubble Red – Mozaïekplant € 2.95 De Mozaïekplant Fittonia is een laagblijvend plantje wat afkomstig is uit Zuid-Amerika Peru. ‘Klein, maar dapper’ mag Fittonia. フィットニアの育て方冬越しは難しい――秋までと諦めるのが吉耐寒温度は10度~15度と温室がないと耐えられないほどに寒さに弱い植物です(出来れば15度以上、理想は18度)。冬に暖房を掛けていると10度以下になることは無いのですが、夜中には確実に10度以下になります。そこで夜中は発泡.

Fittonia is the Latin name for the plant commonly known as mosaic plant or nerve plant. Fittonias make excellent indoor terrarium plants and feature red, pink, white or silver leaf-vein patterns. Fittonias are compact, averaging 6 inches. The leaves of the standard Fittonia albivenis are about 3 x 4in., but on this charming miniature cultivar the leaves are only 1 x 2in. The small leaves are dark red with lots of contrasting pink veins running through the leaf blade. The common name for most Fittonias is “Nerve Plant”. The growth habit is trailing, and the tiny flowers are creamy-yellow and appear on spikes above the.

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