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Hi My son is 3 years old and had strep about 10 times this winter.We tried all kind of antibiotics and nothing is helping it go away.We tried first a few times Amoxil,Then we heard of a method of doing double dose with a doctor. 2020/01/25 · Recurring strep throat occurs when a person gets several bouts of strep throat in a short period of time. Having an incidence of the infection more than six times. 2009/05/30 · HI, we have had this problem in our home before as well. I have suffered from strep 3 times in 4 months before, and I'm a 34 year old healthy woman. You should always go back and be retested after you complete your medicine. I. 2009/09/04 · Help! My child keeps testing positive for strep throat, even though they have been on antibiotics 3 times in a row. My whole family was treated the first time but still has it. Dog just got cultured by vet - waiting for results on that. Any.

I had strep throat last year for the first time in almost twenty years. I got it again, about three weeks ago. Well, as I sit here typing this, my throat is killing me again, and I am seriously considering having another rapid strep and/or culture done when I go into work tomorrow. 2009/09/01 · It worked but this was after having strep 3 times in several months. Another doctor told me that I have "cryptic" damaged tonsils and I should have them removed before I get even older bec the older you are the more painful it is to. 2010/12/02 · So you weren't getting strep again 3 times in a row--you were having the same strep and not quite killing all of the bacteria, so that the strongest ones were coming back in greater numbers than ever. I am guessing that every time. If a child is diagnosed with strep throat seven or more times in one year, his or her doctor might suggest surgery to remove the tonsils tonsillectomy. A diagnosis of strep throat requires a positive strep throat screening test. The.

Initial treatment for recurrent or chronic tonsillitis includes ensuring adequate hydration and pain control. Managing pain for a sore throat will allow you to keep yourself hydrated. If you have signs of dehydration, you should seek medical attention., you should seek medical attention. Strep throat 4 times in a row? I was on antibiotics each time but this last time I decided to stay off antibiotics now I have a cough and runny nose$1.Dr. Jennifer Konsker, State University of New York Downstate Medical Center 1.

2010/12/01 · I stopped taking it for four days, then started for a couple days and quit. Now its been a week since I quit keflex and my throat feels weird. My question is, if you have strep throat, can it keep coming back 3 or more times straight.

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